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In scientific research and medical advancements, the preservation of biological material through cryopreservation technique provides the foundation for future advancements. Using cryovials which are made specifically for this purpose ensures

Micropipettes or pipettes, are instruments used to measure liquid ranging between volumes of 1-10000 µl and transfer it from one sample container to another. This is a basic liquid-handling instrument

A bottle top dispenser is a fundamental laboratory instrument utilized for accurately and safely dispensing precise volumes of chemicals, reagents, solvents, and oils from containers. It serves as a crucial

Platelet rich plasma PRP therapy is a type of regenerative medicine that employs a patient’s own platelets to address medical and

There would hardly be another method as safe as using one’s own blood and growth factors to heal or regenerate cells in our body. This is why PRP is now

Short answer– Unless you are happy losing a few calories with the exercise that comes with using manual technique of mortar and pestle, yes it is a good idea to

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