A Greener Future is Always a Better Future


As an organization that highly values environment conservation and sustainability, Accumax is one of the largest manufacturers of lab equipment and consumables that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We are moving forward strategically by incorporating sustainability into every aspect of the organisation. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure that our products are produced in a safe, energy-saving, and resource-efficient manner.

100% electrical injection molding for all disposable products.

Upto 60% plastic saved when using GreenMAX Tip Racks

Considerable amount of space saved when using a reload system-reducing packaging and transport

Majority of our high volume products are manufactured with Zero wastage

We aim to move forward towards using 100% RoHS compliant parts.


Our state-of-art manufacturing facilities feature advanced technology machinery that uses less energy to produce our products. Our facilities use clean energy from renewable sources, reducing CO2 emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.

We exclusively use injection molding technologies that use 40% less electricity than the hydraulic technologies used by many of our competitors.

By actively reducing our energy consumption we are trying to do our part in reducing the impact of the current energy crisis.

We are committed to reduce our CO2 emissions from our green field initiatives and expanding our dependence on renewable energy source at our state-of-the-art-manufacturing facilities.


Reloading Racks

Accumax has developed a revolutionary reload system in order to continuously improve our ability in sustainable production. It is intended to maximise storage space while reducing plastic waste. Each rack of Pipette Tips in the reload system contains 96 tips.  Each stack accommodates multiple plates of tips, minimizing plastic waste by approximately 70% per pack and reducing 65% space in transportation.

Benefits of making more room:

Reduction in space also reduces our overall carbon footprint in shipping and other transportation.

Cardboard Cryobox

Accumax Cardboard Cryobox is created from premium quality materials, making it an effective solution for long-term cryogenic sample storage. They have been designed to withstand the extreme conditions of cryogenic storage.

Accumax cardboard cryoboxes are made from biodegradable and responsibly sourced materials.

Accumax lab devices is one of the largest manufacturers of lab equipment and consumables. We are dedicated to sustainability and provide a broad selection of consumables for laboratories that are skilfully designed to achieve objectives and promote advanced science. Join us as we continue to develop sustainable solutions for your laboratory.