Here’s why you need a Hot plate magnetic stirrer in your lab

In industrial laboratories, research, food industry and pharma research, it is crucial to have equipment that can provide precise temperature control and mixing of liquids. A hot-plate magnetic stirrer is a go-to solution for such applications.

Understanding Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrers

Basically it is a laboratory device that combines the functions of a hot plate and a magnetic stirrer.

It consists of a heating plate and a magnetic stir bar that allows the user to set and maintain the desired temperature. The magnetic stir bar is placed inside the solution to be stirred, and the magnetic field generated by the device causes the stir bar to rotate, creating a vortex in the liquid.

Temperature sensing probe adds convenience

To obtain the best results and optimal safety while working with heated solutions, you need to monitor the actual temperature of the liquid. A temperature sensing probe is rather a must-have accessory for a hot plate magnetic stirrer. It will help you in avoiding inconsistencies, enhance the safety and improve the overall accuracy of the results.



Hot plate magnetic stirrers are powerful tools for laboratory research that require precise temperature control and efficient mixing of liquids. They are widely used in scientific research, medical laboratories and for applications such as chemical reactions, cell culture, and microbiology.

What are the benefits of using hot-plate magnetic stirrers?

1. Efficient mixing: A hot plate magnetic stirrer can mix solutions quickly and efficiently, ensuring that all components are evenly distributed.

2. Temperature control: The heating function allows you to control the temperature of your solution, which is important for many chemical reactions.

3. Time-saving: Using a hot plate magnetic stirrer can save time compared to manual mixing, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

4. Precise measurements: The magnetic stirrer can provide precise measurements of the speed and temperature of your solution, which is important for accurate data collection.

5. Cost-effective: It is a cost-effective solution for mixing and heating solutions in the lab.

6. Safe to use: The magnetic stirrer is designed to be safe to use, with features such as automatic shut-off and overheat protection.

7. Versatile: A hot plate magnetic stirrer can be used for a wide range of applications, including chemistry, biology, and physics research.

Looking for high-performance hot plate magnetic stirrers?

Neuation’s iStir HP 350 and 550 Prime combines the power of magnetic stirring and temperature control for volumes upto 20 liters, it consists of a flat heating surface, usually made of ceramic and comes with temperature probe to give you more precise heating. The temperature and time of the unit can be adjusted using a control knob or digital buttons, allowing the user to set and view the desired temperature and RPM for their experiment. We have a wide range of stir bars which are highly durable, non-reactive and temperature resistant.

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