Experience the efficiency and versatility of Neuation’s vortex mixers. Designed to meet the diverse needs of laboratories, our vortexers deliver exceptional performance in sample mixing. With a robust BLDC motor and ergonomic design, these vortex mixers provide reliable and adjustable speed for gentle swirling or vigorous vortexing. Whether you need to mix liquids, re-suspend cells, or perform other mixing tasks, Neuation’s vortex mixers are the ideal choice. Discover the precision and power of our vortex mixers today. Explore our collection and find the perfect vortex mixer to enhance your laboratory workflow.

NeuationVortex Mixers
    iSwix FS
    iSwix Jr
    iSwix Jr. NXT and iSwix Jr. VT NXT
    iSwix Jr. VT
    iSwix MV
    iSwix VT
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